Eternal Masters Speculation

I am very excited and also scared about the new Eternal Masters set from wizards. I have a lot of older cards, which may loose a lot of value. I don’t mind as long as it is good for the game over all. This is all speculation my part , ┬ábut these are some ideas:

Zendikar Fetches: Come on!!!!! They have to reprint these some time!!!(expeditions don’t count)

Arid MesaMisty Rainforest

Verdant CatacombsScalding Tarn

Marsh Flats

True Name Nemisis: Only printed once……….until soon!!!!!!

True Name Nemesis

Scapeshift combo: These two have not made it into a reprint set.


Inkmoth Nexus: Infect for all!!!!

Inkmoth Nexus

Show and Tell: I love this card. I hope it gets a reprint.

Show and Tell

These are just guesses people!!! In no way do I have inside info or anything to base this on, Just hopes and dreams. I would love to hear what you think and what your reprint wishes are.

Thanks for looking and turn stuff sideways!!!!!!


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  1. Listing TNN makes me think FLUSTERSTORM!!! That 70 dollar piece of Legacy gold needs a reprint and since the set will likely contain a storm option for limited players it would make for interesting limited play! My question is: What would it’s rarity be? It is now rare but what reason is there for it to not be dropped to uncommon? Can you imagine the uproar?

    • My guess, Flusterstorm will be reprinted. More than likely, at rare. My guess is they will use the MTGO Vintage Masters set as Template. It was Highly played online and fun in a limited environment.

      • What do you project the actual price per pack to players being???? Particularly given that the first two spoils are FOW and Wasteland!

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