How i feel; From a Player’s Standpoint by Luke Eckenrode


So I’ll start with this: everyone knows that I’m the most unfair ‘on the fence’ guy that you’ll ever meet.on that note: what is mtg (WotC) Thinking? Before all this nonsense, we haven’t had a standard banning in seven years. now when they banned JTMS and Stoneforge, you could play SFM in the deck it was printed in, but that was it. So the SFM part was only a ‘kinda ban.’ Now we’re banning Copter, Emrakul,  Reflector Mage, Collected Company, Felidar Guardian, and lastly, Marvel. Simple problem, simple answer: Ban Island. My answer is a bit more complicated.

    Firstly, I want to say that I (kinda) support this ban. The format was the most extremest (real word??? don’t care, using it) or lames for a standard perspective. I don’t want to go to an event playing the deck, and I didn’t want to go to an event where this deck was going to be rampant, And I had this deck built, so, one way or the other, I was doomed to face this. The spin of the marvel was the most excitement I’d get out of a day of playtesting, and in my local FMN’s and MNM’s. No matter how many times I got to pull the trigger, no many how many times I hit, no matter how many times I missed, I always wanted to be on my opponents side of the table. Mostly because they were playing the game that I love. As where: I felt that I was just spinning the revolver, and hoping to see the next day. My opponents were playing the game that I LOVE, and I was just being silly, but that was THE DECK!!! The highest seeded, the highest rated, it was THE BEST deck in the format. No Skill, No thoughts, No plans. You went the way the deck led you, and you spinned the chamber. I love mtg, in every way, this is my game, and I wasn’t enjoying it anymore–
     Recently, i’ve lost the lust. To avoid, what i’ve felt, as a second coming of the ‘caw blade days’ we needed something, and, my friends, it was time. Everyone that plays around me, or with me know my solution: print needle, revoker or the color dependant, stony silence. Come on R&D work with me here, i’m trying to go the simplest ‘feasible’ route. Since we couldn’t do that, how about: Shorten the length before rotation? A lot of us remember, and reminisce, of the times of two standard rotations a year, and the terms ‘type 1,’ ‘type 2’ and even better ‘type 1.5’ (I said that in my strongest strongbad voice). When we had the two rotations, it was a ‘brewer’s dream.’I honestly can’t suggest going back to a two rotations per year format, but it’s something to consider. Instead of cards spiking up to 25 and 35 a piece, we would have a steady pool of ten dollar cards, and no one would spend more than that on a piece of cardboard, that wasn’t foil, because it’s just gonna rotate in 6 months. People would farm what the best decks were, play to the metagame, and then, if that didn’t work, well we were moving to another format in six months. It was a ‘brewer’s paradise’  because if you had a deck, and it wasn’t good, then you could bank on what was being printed in the next set. Again, i saw this first hand and saw packs, boxes, cases even, flying off the shelves. Now, we live in an era of smart phones, and what i call the ‘dark web’ and you can’t really avoid the expensive cards. There weren’t site like , , and , so if you weren’t watching coverage from the homepage, then you had to hope that the guy who got top 8 of x event didn’t get there by mana screw in a game three, you can just rewatch it. I only call it the ‘dark web’ because now everyone knows what I worked so hard to learn, and well, I get no payoff for studying the events to the ground. So, in short, shorter rotations mean; no long term investing, in a rotating format, no card spikes on prices, and no committing to a format that’s made for what standard is: ROTATING.
    Lastly, but certainly not leastly (is that a word? Yes? Sweet I’m using it), THE RULING ON THE FIELD STANDS!! In all cases, this is how it’s going to be handled. Wizards continues to ban cards, and we sit here like chuds, and take it. Take it from the guy with Stockholm’s over all of this: It hurts, but I’m gonna keep biting. I cant let things like this stop me from playing the best deck, no matter how many times they take my toys away and tell me to play with something else. I want the shiniest toy in the box. I want the sharpest crayon in the box. I’ll pay for it, but I can’t say my consumer confidence isn’t affected. I’ve lost a lot, and i’ve won a lot, but unfortunately it’s in the same breath. I can’t say i was surprised at the banning of Felidar Guardian, but i was surprised at the timing. That ‘addendum’ was a bit uncalled for, especially considering everything was already on the table. With all the banning’s and the fact that an ‘addendum’ can come at any time, it’s hard for me, as a consumer, to WANT to purchase MTG product. If anything: it makes me want to invest in eternal formats. What then: Removal of the reserve list? I don’t want to go into that. That is another target altogether, and I’m not gonna give the eternal players something to argue about. ‘The only reason i want the reserve list lifted, is so people stop talking about the reserve list.’ -AJ Sacher. TL; Dr ,I built this mansion with glass walls, please don’t throw rocks.
     This has been ‘How I feel; From a Player’s Standpoint’. Any comments, complaints, or questions are freely welcomed, but I need a little time to lick my wounds after three solid beatings. I’ll be in the corner, and on your shoulder as often as I can, but for now, I’ll be in my corner, cuddling my Tabernacle.
     Sincerely, you’re friendly neighborhood diabetic, -Luke ‘D’ Eckenrode

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