Gamer Tribes Players and Team


Tim Baker


Founder of Gamer Tribes and life long gamer. I play all types of games any chance I get. I also provide content for the Jace, The Mind Sculptor Facebook page as Karn. I love playing MTG and have been playing since 1994. I also can be found playing Destiny, and other games, on PS4 and Xboxone.


Brian Porter


Brian has been playing Magic since early 2006 and has been playing competitively since early 2008. His strongest format is sealed with draft being a close second. When it comes to constructed formats he plays mostly control but will step outside of the control realm to play any deck that is the stand alone tier one deck in any format.


Luke Eckenrode


My name is Luke ‘D’ Eckenrode. I’m a local celebrity, but not because of my MTG accomplishments. I’ve missed top 8’s of win and in’s at Star City twice, and that’s my greatest MTG achievement, but I’ve also had two local events (thank you Snake eyes), because of my health. A lot of people tell stories of me, dropping, and giving my opponents the W, even after I win for hospital reasons, and these are pretty true. I love the game, and don’t want my Opp’s to ever tell the story of the guy who beat them, and then dropped. A lot of people know me as ‘the kid that plays MTG’, because; even if you don’t know the game, That’s probably what I’m doing. I’m an avid streamer (name’s Omega_Tribesman and Wearetoxin) and I think I’m gonna start doing this article thing a little more often. Add me on FB, by all means.(Oh, and I have a tabernacle)